There are two ways to apply for employment at Prewitt.

Option 1

Fill in an on-line form.

NOTE that you will not be able to save or view the application once you have submitted it.

to fill in the form online.

OptionĀ 2

Fill in a PDF form and either email it as an attachment or print and fax toĀ (601) 924-9008.

NOTE: Use this option if you want to save a copy of your application.

1. Open the application PDF form

to open the form. You will need to have Adobe's Acrobat reader.

2. Complete the entire PDF form

Be sure to complete all sections and read all the information before sending

3. Save and PrintĀ the form

Upon completion, saveĀ the form by using the "save as" button at the bottom of the application.
IMPORTANT:Ā Make sure you pay attention to where you save the form. If desired, print out a copy for your records.

4. Send the form

Upon completion, email the form as an attachmentĀ using your email application. It should be sent to [email protected]
IMPORTANT: You MUST send anĀ email Ā with the form attached in order for the form to reach Prewitt. Ā Be sure to print out a copy for your records.

Ā Alternatively, you may print the form andĀ and fax it to (601) 924-9008.